📦 drop.nifti.es

Drops, digital delivery, and distribution for ERC1155 tokens.

Literally just the easiest way to distribute ERC1155 assets to users, whether they're familiar with blockchain or not.Use it to drop memorabilia like themanymatts , deliver digital merchandise during a Softspot event, or distribute token rewards to your users.drop.nifti.es uses (🔜) the Open Gas Network for gas-less metatransactions.

drop.nifti.es is an alpha release – if you'd like to use it, bug @mattgcondon on twitter

integrate drop.nifti.es in three steps 🔜

  1. Connect drop.nifti.es to your contract,
    • deploy an ERC1155 contract with minting capabilities (if necessary)
    • link your signer and ERC1155 contract here on drop.nifti.es.
    • allow drop.nifti.es to mint and transfer assets withsetApprovalForAll(...) (if necessary)
    • fund the Gas Station Network's RelayHub to pay for your users' gas.
  2. Sign a JWT — drop.nifti.es supports minting and transfering ERC1155 assets
    • mint: { type: 'mint', ids: [1], amounts: [1] }
    • transfer: { type: 'transfer', ids: [2, 6], amounts: [1, 7] }
  3. Forward a link to your beneficiary, perhaps in a nice email or something
    • https://drop.nifti.es/:token
  4. That's it.